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Kerosene – is a product obtained by processing oil.


Kerosene is used as jet fuel, a combustible component of liquid rocket fuel, fuel for firing glass and porcelain products, for domestic heating and lighting appliances, in metal cutting machines, as a solvent (for example, for applying pesticides), raw materials for the oil refining industry.

For multi-fuel engines (based on a diesel engine), a short-term application of pure kerosene and even AI-80 gasoline is possible. In winter, it is allowed to add up to 20% of kerosene to summer diesel to reduce the pour point, without degrading performance.

Also, kerosene is the main fuel for conducting fire shows (fire performances), because of its good absorbency and relatively low combustion temperature.


P/ET: 04л, 0,5л, 1л, 2л, 5л.

Canister: 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters.