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Solvent 647


Widely used as a solvent for bodywork, as it is suitable for the dilution of nitro-enamels, nitro-lacquers and nitrospatlevac used in the painting of cars.

The solvent is designed to dissolve paintwork based on nitrocellulose, ideal for diluting and dissolving the following types of enamels: НЦ-280, НЦ-11, НЦ-132П, АК-194, priming НЦ-097

The use of solvent 647 is advisable where it is important to take care of the surface to be cleaned, because other solvents are considered more aggressive.


P/ET: 04л, 0,5л, 1л, 2л, 5л.

Glass: 0,5 l.

Canister: 5 liters, 10 liters, 20 liters.